THE MANAGERWhistle-Blowing


IREIT Global Group Pte. Ltd. (the “Company”), the manager of IREIT Global (and together with the subsidiaries of IREIT Global, the “Group”), has put in place a channel for employees and parties with whom the Group has business dealings with, to report any actual or suspected wrongdoing or improper conduct within the Group.

Our Whistle-Blowing Policy can be found here.

Making a Report

The Company has engaged the joint sponsor of IREIT, Tikehau Capital, to provide an independent platform for the reporting of complaints/concerns in good faith without fear of reprisal.

All reports should be made using the independent reporting channel as follows:

The whistle-blower reporting channel is not intended for reporting issues that are (i) not factual; (ii) trivial, frivolous and vexatious in nature; or (iii) where the reported matter or subject has no relevance to the Group.

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